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I’m photographing 40 Women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Better.
I’d love for you to be one of them!


You’re invited to a unique and luxurious portrait experience, called WORTHY.

You’ll be featured in my upcoming celebration and gallery-style exhibition featuring women and their stories!

What is the process?

As a woman celebrating her worthiness, you will receive:

Discovery Call

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email to schedule a discovery call and discuss details. If you are selected to participate, we will begin designing your session and share information with you about preparing for your session with us.  Be ready with your personal calendar so we can choose dates that work best for your schedule.  Your session fee will be due at this time in order to book your portrait session date.

A Design Consultation

We will discuss your vision about how you want to be photographed, what you can expect during every bit of our time together, what you should wear, and understand all of the ins and outs to make the most out of your portrait session! 



Wardrobe Styling

During your design consultation we will discuss what types of clothes photograph well, colors that will help tell your story, and even give you the opportunity to try on things from our Couture studio wardrobe, with sizes that range from S to XXXL.

Professional Hair and Make Up For One

On the day of your portrait session I will introduce you to my hair and make up artist who will custom tailor your hair and make up look, to your vision and desires.

Portrait Session

I will direct you every step of the way so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Together, we will create the best portraits you have ever seen of yourself! We will laugh, be silly, dance if you want, change a number of times, and to be honest it is really like just hanging out with your best friend:)

Reveal Session

Following your session we will sit down and choose your one complimentary 5” x 7” matted print and matching digital image and then review all of your images.  We will go through them one-by-one, eliminate anything we know you don’t love and then compare and contrast everything that you DO love so that we know we are only choosing the absolute BEST from your session for your order.  What you purchase is entirely up to you.

SESSIONS ARE LIMITED…The response to this project has been overwhelming, so don’t wait.

Fill out the form below & let’s have a quick chat about including you in the WORTHY Experience.



My name is Shannon, I am 55 and a Columbus based portrait Photographer. I have been a professional Photographer for eighteen years and this is the most powerful portrait series that I have worked on with clients to date and I can’t wait to meet you!

I started my portrait and photography business because I wanted to create something very special as a gift for all women to enjoy.

It will be fun, fulfilling and transformational. Your transformation is waiting, and I want to help you bring it to life! Join me on an incredible adventure.

Remember…it is ALL about you. I can’t wait to meet you!





There has never been a better time in history to be a woman over 40!

  • A time to change the way you see yourself (not the lies: I am unworthy, I am overweight, I am not photogenic).
  • To celebrate that life isn’t over once you turn 40, but it is just getting started.
  • Be inspired by our VIP group(Love Serve) and together encourage those behind us.

We are leading the charge of women demanding not to be forgotten.  Be a part of that with us!



All women 40, 50, 60 + are invited. I have photographed stunning women from all walks of life, different shapes and sizes; women with different tastes, from different backgrounds and with different views of life.  And I am proud to be that photographer!

The Shannon B Whittington Photography experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure, custom tailored and focused on YOU!

Think about how you want to be captured, what does your legacy look like? Our passion is to take the every-day woman and give her an unforgettable celebrity-style, magazine photoshoot experience.

It’s about so much more than just “taking pretty pictures.” Our hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, see your self the way everyone who loves you sees you.

You are Worthy

How much does it cost?

I am offering the Worthy Experience for just $550. The total value is over $1250. (The response to this project has been overwhelming, so don’t wait, the time is now)

SPOTS WILL FILL UP FAST! The response to this project has been overwhelming, so don’t wait.

By filling out the application form below, you will receive a discovery phone call to discuss details of how you can be a part of this life changing experience.




    Your story, portraits, and video interviews will be used to showcase the portrait series at the WORTHY exhibition and in promotional materials, including on our website, blog, and social media platforms so we can share how FABULOUS you are with the world.

    • That interview may be shared on my website, blog and social media.
    • Before and After makeover photos may be shown.
    • Other conditions may apply.